The Lying "Truth"
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Alan shares His Story Leaving Meetings
Alan shares how Grace changed his life
Nearly 70 Years Going to Meetings
Advocates for the Truth - Town Hall - April 27, 2024
Advocates for the Truth - Town Hall - April 18, 2024
Open Discussion with Bob and Stacy Bainbridge (Woodstock, NB)
Merissa Shares Her Story
Marty & Beth Share God's Deliverance From Legalism
After a Lifetime of Meetings, Monte found Jesus
Sheri Autrey - Survivor
Lauren Rohs and The Height of Complicity
Abused as a child by an ex-worker whose behavior was covered up for YEARS by overseers
After 40 Years in the Work, God Delivered Him Out
Surviving grooming, abuse, trafficking, and betrayal
A victim of terrifying abuse Rhonda is resilient, courageous and a powerful advocate
Cherie spent 30 YEARS researching the 2x2 Truth Church
After 25 years going to meetings, I share why I had to leave
My Unfiltered Thoughts on Recent Overseers Letter
AFTT Town Hall - FBI Investigation
Accountability and Corruption in Leadership within the 2x2 Truth Church
Cynthia Liles Private Investigator of Institutional Abuse
60 Minutes Australia
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