This site is about the "2x2 Church" which arrogantly calls itself "the truth." They want you to believe that their church has been around "since the beginning." But they will lie in order to convince you. The truth is, this church started in 1897. This site tells the truth about "the truth" since those in charge of "the truth" do not.

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Financial Freedom - Just Follow the Money

Financial Freedom can be YOURS!

No, this isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. Honestly, it's not even a get-rich scheme. But it is a plan for personal financial freedom. Join now and you will no longer have to worry about having any more bills to pay. That's right. This plan will completely eliminate your bills and guarantee that you never have to work for a living again for the rest of your miserable life.


Well, that's the catch... you have to become a worker in the 2x2 church.

But it's not all that bad. The 2x2 worker ministry has a world-class business model involving free money (tax free!), but why worry about the details? After all, this is the ONE TRUE CHURCH!

The workers won't tell you this, but they do take in money. Lots of it. The money they gather is pooled into collective bank accounts usually in the name of elders who handle the money at the direction of their overseer. This allows the overseers to keep a straight face when they tell you how they are "penniless" and homeless and you should give more, right?

It's quite a feat of acting to keep such a straight face, especially considering that they are in control of thousands (and in some cases, millions) of dollars.

Yes... you read that right. Millions.

Is any of this "take" reported to tax agencies, such as the Internal Revenue Service in the USA? Hardly. One might argue that the 2x2 church is exempt from paying taxes on its income since it's a church. Nice try. Churches in the U.S. avoid paying taxes by registering with the federal government for the purpose of being identified as a non-profit corporate body (ie, tax-exempt), however, the 2x2 church is not registered under any such status. Former Alberta overseer and Great Excommunicator Willis Propp once incorporated the 2x2 ministry in that province on May 5, 1995. Once people found out what he had done, and questions mounted, he was forced to dissolve it on December 11, 1996. That must have been an interesting 19 months. A quick reading of the incorporation document (offsite link) reveals the cushy lifestyle he was trying to guarantee himself. It was only three years later that Propp conducted The Great Purge of Alberta when he excommunicated many people and shut down at least eight meetings in that province. First he takes their money and then he gives them the boot. What a swell guy.

The money can be spent however they see fit, wherever they see fit, and to benefit whomever they see fit. There is no accounting. There is no accountability.

So, act now and you, too, can enjoy a lifetime of ease, free from taxes or any other social responsibility. Become a worker. Don't worry about legal ramifications. After all, this is the ONE TRUE CHURCH.

How much money have YOU given them?

The following books were written by people who escaped the 2x2 church!
Elizabeth was born and raised in a nameless and secretive worldwide cult that claims exclusive origin from the New Testament apostolic ministry and blatantly describes all other churches as 'false'. A fourth generation member, she professed faith at the age of sixteen and fully intended to remain there, even when she discovered that the system she believed in was based on a lie. A love story both human and divine, a journey from spiritual bondage to freedom in Christ; this confronting and deeply personal account gives an inside perspective into the mindset of cult members, and reveals the fear and trauma associated with being forced to investigate your own beliefs even if it could mean destroying the very foundations of everything you believe.

The author, Elizabeth Coleman, is one of our moderators at the TLC Forum!
A look inside a worldwide, supposedly nameless religion that meets in homes and rented venues, yet is almost unknown even to many friends and relatives of its members. This book collects accounts of the varied experiences from many former members. Although it has managed to elude public attention for most of its history, this group has been known by various names, both officially taken and nicknames, that include: Two by Twos, the Testimony of Jesus, Meetings in the home, Assemblies of Christians, Christian Conventions, The Truth, the Workers and Friends, the No-name church, the Way, Blackstockings, Die Namelosen, Kristna i Sverige, Non-denominational meetings, Gospel meetings, Les Anonymes, Cooneyites, etc. Revised and expanded second edition.
They meet in homes and in rented halls, presided over by itinerant preachers known as "Workers." This religious fellowship usually goes under the names listed above, although its members vigorously deny that the group bears any name. As to its origins, the group positions itself as being a direct continuation of "the New Testament Church." And even though they deny having any organizational structure, the activities of this nameless sect are world-wide in scope.

It is often very difficult for the outsider to gain any concrete knowledge of this group's doctrine, structure, or history. Reinventing the Truth examines these issues, focusing on the historical explanations the group has offered for its origins.
This secretive group has been called by various names over the years: The Two-by-Twos, White Mice, Black Stockings, Pilgrims, The Meeting, The Workers, The Truth, the Secret Sect, Die Namenlosen, Les Anonymes and many others. But they claim no name of their own. Outside of the group, little has been known of the ways and the diverse belief found among believers in this homespun religion. Here is a book that exposes the origins and the unwritten traditions of the Two-by-Twos. The purpose of this book is to summarize the teachings of this religious group in order to encourage people to draw nearer to and obey God. It is an attempt to bring to light what the workers have tried to hide from the public for over a century. These are doctrines and behaviors that have been observed and learned by an ex-member whose family has been part of the group for five generations, since the founding of the religion in the late 1890s.
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Any church which bases its origin on a LIE — or conceals its history in a cover-up — has no business calling itself the "TRUTH."