This site is about the "2x2 Church" which arrogantly calls itself "the truth."
They want you to believe that their church has been around "since the beginning."
But they will lie in order to convince you. The truth is, this church started in 1897.
This site tells the truth about "the truth" since those in charge of "the truth" do not.

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Quotes about Salvation

Jack Forbes
The blood of Jesus can only cleanse us when we offer our bodies as a whole burnt offering. What did he do with the blood? Poured it out at the base of the altar. The difference between God's interpretation of the blood and the Pharisee interpretation which I was taught is that I thought that we had nothing to do but believe upon Christ hanging on the cross. The older I get the more I value the blood of Christ, but we shouldn't fool ourselves because the blood of Jesus can only cleanse us when we offer our bodies as a whole burnt offering.
[Milltown WA 1952] REF #166

John Cook
What is salvation? To begin with, it is God's deliverance in our lives. It is God giving us victory in our own hearts over ourselves. Again salvation is the continuation of the destruction of sin in yourself. Maybe when a person first heard the gospel he made a great attempt to destroy sin within himself. He may not be doing just as much at it now. If we destroy sin in ourselves, nothing around us can destroy us. Nothing can master a person, who, by the grace of God is mastering himself. This is salvation - being able to master ourselves. That means being the master of yourself in all things. Do not be discouraged by the fact that not many people are willing to go in for this salvation.
[Boston MA 1957] REF #113

Everett Swanson
If we love God and His people and His Way we have the surety of being saved.
[1976] REF #371

Everett Swanson
If I have never been right before, I want to be right now. What matters the price I must pay? The Lord has the covenant sealed.
[Moscow ID Special meeting] REF #171

No one can reach heaven unless they enter as beggars.
[Walla Walla WA Conv 1987] REF #263

Paul Sharp
None of us will enter heaven unless we take something with us that will glorify Him through eternity. We can't walk here below unless we have something that will glorify His name.
[Ronan MT Conv 6/73] REF #206

You must receive the Lord and you do this through the power of one of us.
[Los Angeles CA Special Meeting Senior Brother Worker 3/10/85] REF #158

Clarence Nelson
Believing is not enough. It isn't a mental conception but works and faith. Happiness is in doing works.
[Post Falls ID 1971] REF #192

You can only profess through our group. You cannot know our Heavenly Father through the traditional church.
[Los Angeles CA Special Meeting, Senior Brother Worker 3/10/85] REF #158

Dellas Linaman
Heb 11 is the faith chapter. This tells us what these people did through faith. It was what they DID about their faith that saved them. Faith without works is dead. It is through our works by which we are saved.
[Gilroy CA 1981] REF #136

Garth Cook
Reconciled by His death, saved by His life.
[Ronan MT Conv 6/73] REF #206

Carson Cowan
We get saved by getting in; we keep saved by fitting in.
[Saginaw OR 1969] REF #219

Everett Swanson
Except ye be converted and be as a little child there is no hope of being saved until you become desperate and humble and begging for assistance.
[Ronan MT Conv 1973] REF #206

Bonnie Robinson
The only key that will open the gate to heaven is the key of submission.
[1959] REF #356

Arnold Blonke
Self denial is the part of our service that brings eternal life.
[Glen Valley BC Canada Conv 8/4/88] REF #140

John Porterfield
We enter the Kingdom of God by taking it by force or diligence [1955] REF #353

Ed Cornock
We aren't saved only by Christ's redemption. There is one thing we must do. We must present our own bodies as a sacrifice. Some of us may leave a big question mark in God's eyes.
[Hayden Lake ID 1949] REF #148

Bob Dye
To be born again means to receive Christ which means receiving the messenger, the message, and receiving the Spirit of God equals obedience to the will of God.
[8/2/66] REF #362

Andrew Abernathy
God has made provision, that in our own generation, by abiding in Him, we can receive divine life. Morning by morning I can take my life and place it in the midst of the heart of God to draw from the wells of salvation, to receive of His divine spirit, to receive the quickening of divine life, that power that raised Jesus from the dead. We can receive grace that will help us walk in His way, and have a wisdom that is divine. It means nothing less than complete renunciation of all that we are.
[Salmon Arm BC Canada 1963] REF #223

Bruce Waddell
Faith cometh by hearing, not reading. No one can receive salvation simply by reading the Bible.
[Glen Valley BC Canada Conv 8/4/88] REF #140

Lawrence Byrd
There is no easy way into the kingdom. The reason is because God wants a proven people. We are proven under adverse conditions. Don't presume on the mercy and love of God.
[Walla Walla WA 10/25/70] REF #261

C. Wright
Jesus will beget new life in us through the gospel. It refreshes us. God gives this spirit to people when their lives are prepared by the gospel. Then we have cleansing when we are willing to walk in this light or this covenant. If we have received Christ into our lives.
[Post Falls ID Conv] REF #183

Alma Johnson
We are never safe until we have finished our journey with Christ.

Clarence Anderson
There are things that accompany salvation and if they are not there, we will never stand. There must be a true revelation first of all, a revelation of Truth. That this is God's Way. And then there must be gratitude that is welling up in our hearts and humility of spirit and obedience of all that God asks. If these things are lacking, we will never make it, and God wants to help us so that we can have the first fruit. Have those things that accompany salvation in our lives so that we will be able to stand and have His favor and blessing in our lives and the Lord desires to continue to help us all to possess the basis.
[Pukekohe NZ Conv 1986] REF #202

Don Wolfenden
We need to put out effort to do our part so He will do His.
[Glen Valley BC Canada Conv 8/4/88] REF #140

Willie Pollock
There is no salvation without separation.
[Glen Valley BC Canada Conv 8/4/88] REF #140

Jack Carroll
Salvation begins when you are brought into the "Fellowship" with Jesus.
[Bakersfield, CA 1933] REF #101

Jack Carroll
Many profess to be Christians and have never understood or realized that the authority of the living Christ over their lives is necessary to salvation.

Harry Mooradian
I only have one life on earth and all eternity depends on how I spend that one life.
[Santee CA Conv 1980] REF #234

Harry Holland
Our salvation is founded on the life of Christ, that inner life working in every member.

Udo Chapman
The natural things are not important. Spiritual things are the only things that matter. Our only hope is in constantly being broken. We must be willing to make corrections or we will not see salvation and we may take other people down with us.
[Boring OR 1988] REF #110

George Walker
We might ask you to profess to be saved and yet you could go to hell. Being saved means "right about face", turning your back on that which leads you wrong.
[Crocknacrieve Conv, N Ireland 1910] REF #126

Jack Carroll
For the spirit and attitude you assume toward those that have made themselves poor, homeless, and strangers for the gospel's sake will ultimately determine where you will be in eternity.
[Manhattan MT Conv 10/4/45] REF #162

Ralph Sines
Professing doesn't mean you are saved and ready for Heaven, it means you are learning of Christ or from Him, being willing to do His will.
[Wed. Study Meeting 1/12/66] REF #279

Howard Mooney
It is the life, not the blood that saves you.
[Salmon Arm BC Canada Conv 1966] REF #225

Jeff Reid
It takes a new nature to be born again.
[1983] REF #380

Howard Mooney
We purchase the Truth at our own expense. We purchase His mind by giving up our mind.
[Santee CA Conv 1980] REF #234

Stanley Watchorn
What actually brings salvation to us is what we allow the Lord to do in our hearts.
[Post Falls ID 6/55] REF #184

John Cook
This is our salvation that we are able to master ourselves.
[Boston, MA] REF #344

Rose Ella Behrend
The price that Jesus paid that He could be one with His Father. This is the price we all must pay.
[Olympia WA 1970] REF #179

Jack Carroll
God doesn't take any into a prepared eternity unless they work to get there.

Jackie Meeks
Obedience resulted in Jesus being made perfect. Our salvation results in obedience to the Father.
[Post Falls ID Conv 1972] REF #194

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