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Demonstration of power over the people is no more apparent then through the blatant directives against certain things. Television comes rapidly to mind, as it is the pinnacle contraband for any 2x2 member. This page is dedicated to your accounts of things you have been forbidden or discouraged from owning, borrowing, using, or generally, having any affiliation due to your connection with 2x2ism.

Being a vegetarian
forbidden by
A sister worker
A sister worker informed my sister soon after I professed I wouldn't see the need for it anymore, that God would remove that conviction from me.
Long hair (on a guy)
forbidden by
Workers, elders, friends
My hair would never lay down flat in the traditional "meeting- fashion" and friends and workers would constantly verbally attack me after meetings saying "you have no respect for the way" or "we are supposed to look respectful on Sunday". So I grew it out to about 5 inches so it would lay down. The verbal abuse only grew worse at which point people began saying "the Bible says we're not supposed to have long hair". I pointed out that the workers were skewing the verse since it actually said "it is a shame for a man to have long hair, but if this cause any contention then we have no such law" meaning that we shouldn't cause dissention because of a tradition. I also I quoted Numbers where it said "Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When either man or woman shall separate themselves to vow a vow of a Nazarite, to separate themselves unto the LORD: ... All the days of the vow of his separation there shall no razor come upon his head". The worker said that that verse didn't apply. But I didn't leave the meeting because of this. I left because deep down all along I knew that they were trying to sell me their worldview, but it had nothing to do with salvation or truly living your life for God. I have been out of meetings for 2 years and I'm not bitter toward anyone. I'm just thankful that I have escaped the brainwashing so many of my peers did not.
We were forbidden from wearing pants, we had to have long hair, no makeup, no earrings, my mom stopped wearing her wedding ring, and all her jewelry, we could not cut our bangs and when we did other friends in our area said we were losing out, we could not join sports in school, could not go to Prom or dances, could not go to movies, could not wear any kind of makeup except for chapstick, until I rebelled and wore it anyway, could not celebrate Christmas, did not have a tree or any decorations, we did not celebrate Easter, no eggs or bunny, no Easter at all, we did not spend holidays with our worldly family, it was a lonely time because all my cousins I missed out that, could not have a TV or VCR in the home. Could not drink or have any alcohol in the home or elsewhere, could not have religious books in the house. The list is endless.
forbidden by
Tharold Sylvester
Tharold told my parents when they professed all of the above, he even told my mom to wear a long skirt when she was gardening and to safety pin it between her legs, instead of wearing jeans. He also told her to throw out all her books when she professed. My parents and us kids followed all those rules. The only ones that were not followed was when I was 16 I cut my hair and wore jeans sometimes.
High School ROTC - Reserve Officer Training Corps
forbidden by
sister worker Pat McLellan
When it was learned that I would be joining the ROTC classes at high school, my mother and I were admonished by Pat McLellan that this was not a good idea. It would mean, according to her, that I would not be able to invoke the conscientious objector status if a draft was instituted. Since this is something I wanted to do really badly and I tired of gym class after 8 years my mother stood beside me. Many in the meetings supported my stance. I attended all four years of ROTC. Strange to me that professing people in this country would enjoy the religious freedom but not want to fight to keep that freedom.
All recreational activities on Sunday. At all times most fashions, music, tv.
forbidden by
Parents/ entire congregation
On Sunday at times other than in the meetings (one morning and one evening) we were only allowed to sleep or read, preferably the Bible. At other times we could never wear our hair long, attend any events on Sunday, listen to radio or music. I remember I loved neck chains and bought one that I would sneak on and off. It was a somewhat bizarre, very "meager" existence, in terms of having any fun.
Wearing Pants to volunteer (clean) convention hall
forbidden by
a sister worker
I am not even part of the church, but my boyfriend is. One summer day the workers were having "b-day" which is a day set aside to clean/repair the convention grounds and we were asked to attend- but I had to wear a skirt. I wore pants, they have to respect MY beliefs too!!
Long Finger Nails
forbidden by
A Worker
When my sister went on a vacation to visit a friend, the workers for that area were staying in the same house while she was there. One of the workers took exception to the length of her nails and actually crept into the room my sister was sleeping in and clipped her nails off while my sister was sleeping. Of course my sister woke up while she was doing this and flipped right out.
Wall decoration
forbidden by
Sister Worker
Remember the "three ducks in flight" that used to be popular as wall mounted ornaments in homes in the sixties? Scolding and admonishment given to professing folks who had them on the walls in the loungeroom. The admonishment was on the basis of Ex 20:4 and Deu 5:8 "Thou shalt not make....or the likeness of any thing that is in the heaven abve or that is in the Earth beneath or that is in the water under the earth". The highly embarassed folks obediently and meekly took them down.
Going to the movies, school dances, associating with 'low-lifes' (non-professing kids-especially Catholics), television
forbidden by
Parents via Workers
Growing up, we did not have a TV in the house but when we took a family vacation and stayed at a motel my father would turn on the TV in the room before the bags were unpacked. And it stayed on until checkout time. Both parents stared at it bug-eyed and drop-jawed. This was in the fifties when motel TVs were coin operated. Dad always had a couple rolls of quarters in a suitcase. When I was a 14 year old boy I was invited to a Sadie Hawkins dance by the prettiest girl in my class. I was forbidden to go but snuck out anyway. I had a miserable time because I was constantly looking over my shoulder and then later was laden with guilt for doing such a brazen thing. The movie "Ten Commandments" with Charlton Heston was hugely popluar movie and my 'low-life' school friends thought I would surely be able to see my first movie. They were mystified and amazed when I told them 'no.' When I was 16 I rebelled and never went to another meeting. When I left home at 18 I was naive an d totally unprepared for the real world. I went wild! Smoking, drinking, sex. I brought home my Japanese girlfriend and was severely reprimanded in front of her. This was the last act of 'Christianity' I would ever tolerate from my parents. To this day ( I'm now 60 years old) I feel like I had very little in common with my parents and other family members in The Way.
short skirts, circus, movies, listening to music
forbidden by
I live in Europe and in my country there is a large group of friends. I decided 3 years ago to stop going to meetings and conventions because I was forced to wear long (very long) skirts and large blouses (not to tempt men) and I was not allowed to cut my hair. I was raised in this 'religion' since I was a child and I always wanted to have a shorter skirt (as young girl) and I had to listen to all the jokes made by my school mates regarding my clothes. I was forced to wear a skirt even when the temperature during the winter was (-20)degrees Celsius and my knees were freesing. We were not allowed to have a blouse without sleeves or our hair free on the back. I left already all of this behind me, but I still have some roots regarding cards games, gambling, drinks and tabacoo.
EVERYTHING! I remember I hung Debbie Gibson and New Kids on the Block posters on the inside of my closets so my mom wouldn't see them. No school dances, no pants. Everything that was forbidden to me are now my very favorite things. I bought a tv and hid it in my closet too!
forbidden by
parents & workers
I remember very specifically asking the workers why I couldn't go to the school dance or listen to the radio, and they said it was too worldly and "that's just the way it is" Yeah. Good answer.
Pink Tie
forbidden by
a sister worker
Walked into the meeting with my shirt and tie on, was told by a sister worker that men should wear more "manly colors" that it doesnt look good for the truth if the men are like women!
Going to Disneyland
forbidden by
My Parents
According to my parents, if Jesus returned he would not come there to look for us.
forbidden by
a sister worker
I was cleaning my room once before the sister workers came. They arrived before I had finished, so one of them came in and started "helping" me. One of the older friends had hand crocheted a cross for me as a bookmark that I had in my pile of junk that I was sorting through. She saw that and said "You don't need that" and THREW IT AWAY!!!
Playing organized sport, even if it did not interfere with Sunday's fellowship activities.
forbidden by
Paul Sharp - Head Worker in the Province of British Columbia, Canada
We defied it. They just let the matter go. It is not a problem now, especially here in Australia.
Computer, Internet, Higher Education (College)
forbidden by
a worker
She said that Satan uses the airwaves (TV, radio) and phone lines (computer) to communicate evil to us. She also said that being educated is not good because it causes us to question.
Harry Potter books
forbidden by
a worker
We were sitting around the kitchen table and a worker (special meeting company) asked what sort of books we--me and my younger brother--liked to read. I think she was looking for an answer like "the Bible" or "historical books" but my brother said immediately, "Harry Potter." She got this funny look on her face and said, "Don't even go there" and then proceeded to give a lecture about the evils of the boy wizard. Ironically, another worker said she had read all five books and loved them.
wearing shorts for gym class
forbidden by
When told at the beginning of my 3rd grade to bring shorts each day I had gym, my parents consulted the workers, and a meeting and discussion followed. It was decided that I would be allowed to wear shorts for gym, but only under a skirt or dress.
Taking pictures on Sunday
forbidden by
a worker
I was reprimanded by a worker for taking a picture on Sunday - no reason given.
Bible with Jesus' words in red
forbidden by
not an order, but definite negative response
When I professed at about 12, I inherited an old Bible that was around the house. Every direct quote from Jesus was printed in red. I thought this was great and excitedly showed it to a visiting worker. I just remember a frown, a head-shaking, or some similar disapproving response. Sometime after that, I got a new standard KJV as a gift, and the "red-letter" version went back into storage. I haven't given this incident much thought in a long time, but now it speaks volumes to me. Jesus' words are really not the workers' main interest; in fact, they edit His words very carefully in order to deemphasize the concept of salvation by Grace.
bowling, dancing for PE
forbidden by
Mom, relaying the workers "suggestions"
I wasn't allowed to go bowling with the PE class, because "people drink and swear" there. Dancing was just a no-no, period. No discussion, no reason.
Wearing shorts to Sunday morning meeting
forbidden by
Kenneth Lerwick
A couple had professed in meetings and they let the boy (about 10) wear shorts to Sunday morning meeting. After meeting was over, Ken looked at the boy and said "where is your pants?" I liked Kenneth but couldn't understand why he made such a remark after meeting in front of the meeting crowd.
'Wrap around' Skirts
forbidden by
John Hughes
The comfortable and cool wrap around skirts were being worn at the hot and humid Rochedale convention by the poor girls slaving on the tables. It was then proclaimed in a meeting that they were unacceptable due to the "nature of design that could show parts of the body and skin that may be upsetting to some folk". HUH? How did he know? Was he looking?!
Wearing pants (except for playing in snow and, after much argument, rollerskating), wearing make-up or jewelery except hair barrets, wearing short skirts or shorts, cutting my hair, Good Housekeeping love stories, wearing a swimsuit without a skirt, celebrating Christmas
forbidden by
Parents, and older professing siblings
My mother thru away my make-up. My sister told me I looked like a slut when I wore make-up.
Mistletoe & holly at Christmas time
forbidden by
elderly sister worker
We had traditional decorations including mistletoe and holly draped around the picture frames. We also had a coal fire and went into the room where the worker had been sitting and heard sparks. She had put the whole lot to burn!
Seamless nylons
forbidden by
a sister worker
This was in the late 50's when seamless nylons were coming in. Worker said not to wear them cuz people might think you weren't wearing any hose.
Going to the fair, joining the band and/or school chorus
forbidden by
The workers and friends were pretty consistent in telling us directly or indirectly that these things were wrong.
Went and did those things anyway. Why? Because my father didn't profess and we showed cows at the fairs, my younger brother and I joined the band, and I also joined the chorus. I loved music. I was told by a professing peer that the only reason I was allowed to take part in meeting and do these things was because my father wasn't professing and therefore didn't have an understanding. But looking back, I think it was jealousy, and not the workers, that prompted that statement.
Marrying an "outsider"
forbidden by
Walter Pollock
I am a 3rd Generation B&R, an elder's daughter. I was due to marry on a Saturday. Walter arrived on Thursday. He had me read with him many scriptures, fortelling a Lost Eternity if I married "Outside." He also reminded me of others I knew who Had married "Outside" and had been "Led astray." He also told me no workers would be at my wedding because they would appear to "condone it if they did, thereby sending the WRONG message to other young folks. Amazingly, We are still happily married, 28 years later and are finally free and learning to enjoy the peace and joy of God's love and grace for the first time, TOGETHER. Bless the friends from Alberta for their strength and for sharing their 1997 letter. Also thank you for all of your wonderful messages on this site.
Gold tie tack
forbidden by
my dad, ex-worker
Had to take it back to the store and get a silver one. Ha!
Singing lessons
forbidden by
Viola Fridley
Mom did it for me anyway. Made to feel guilty through the whole process. Forced myself to fail, so mom would not suffer shame. Ironically, Wednesday choir concerts were allowed, but not without mom constantly reminding me I was missing meeting and embarassing her. Fouled up on purpose there, too.
Wedding shower for a family member, career choice of being a police officer, cutting hair
forbidden by
Walter Berkinshaw, Janet Mose, Karen Macrae
I was told that I was only serving God halfway when I had bangs and married outside the "truth." When I was going to have a shower for my Uncles' fiance and had already handed out all invitations, a worker came to visit, telling my Mom and I that we couldn't have the shower because it wasn't appropriate to outwardly give gifts and also that it may cause competition between friends. I found this odd because the friends are always competing. How about all of the potlucks that they have—what if someone brings a better dish than someone else? When I let it known that I was thinking about becoming a cop, I was promptly taken for a car ride by a worker who told me that it would not be appropriate because I would have to wear pants. I was informed that I was sitting on the fence because my hair was half cut. When I decided to marry outside of the way, I was taken to a restaurant by the workers who proceeded to tell me horror stories about others that went that route. We started a family right away and I had twin girls. Alton Mose could barely look at them when we went to gospel meetings. Shortly after my girls were born, a worker came for a visit. She followed me into my bedroom and told me that she felt that it was her responsibility to ask me when the girls were concieved.
Cutting my hair, bangs for sure!
forbidden by
Leo Stancliff
Leo asked me what happened to my hair and then frowned very disapprovingly.
A plaque about being proud to be an American
forbidden by
Herbert Vitzthum
This was hanging in our "workers room." He took it down, set it in the hallway facing the wall, and told us to get rid of it before he came out of his room for dinner. He based this on us worshipping America and not God.
Dances/Sock Hop
forbidden by
I did not do any of the above things until I was about 14 years old. I would sneak pants to school and change in the restrooms, I would sneak to the sockhops and pray that Ron Hanson's kids would not see me in the sockhop in fear Jesus would come and I would go to hell if I was caught at a "dance." Other things I couldn't do - go to movies, wear jeans, wear makeup of any kind, wear jewelery of any kind, cut my hair, join after-school sports of any kind. My parents upheld these orders as given to them by the workers.
Go to ballgames
forbidden by
Parents, on the advice of the workers
We did not dare do this for fear of punishment from our parents. Other things we couldn't do - spend time with children from non-professing families such as school friends, attend concerts, go to theme parks or other fun places (bowling, golf, etc).
Rabbit's foot
forbidden by
Sam Charleton
I was about 12 years old, so it was about 1963. It was fashionable in my neighborhood at that time for boys to display a dyed rabbit's foot from a short chain from the belt. I was wearing this at convention, when Sam took me aside, and informed me that we did not believe in luck or lucky charms.
"Monopoly" board game
forbidden by
My mother
One day I asked a visiting sister worker who was living with us to play a game of Monopoly with me. She did and didn't say anything about it. We had tons of fun playing. Later, I was admonished by my mother for doing so. I asked her "If Monopoly is taboo, why do we own it?" The answer was that it was a "money game," and therefore playing it with a worker was not a good idea. Oddly enough, when I mentioned that the worker should have said so, I was sent to my room.
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They meet in homes and in rented halls, presided over by itinerant preachers known as "Workers." This religious fellowship usually goes under the names listed above, although its members vigorously deny that the group bears any name. As to its origins, the group positions itself as being a direct continuation of "the New Testament Church." And even though they deny having any organizational structure, the activities of this nameless sect are world-wide in scope.

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This secretive group has been called by various names over the years: The Two-by-Twos, White Mice, Black Stockings, Pilgrims, The Meeting, The Workers, The Truth, the Secret Sect, Die Namenlosen, Les Anonymes and many others. But they claim no name of their own. Outside of the group, little has been known of the ways and the diverse belief found among believers in this homespun religion. Here is a book that exposes the origins and the unwritten traditions of the Two-by-Twos. The purpose of this book is to summarize the teachings of this religious group in order to encourage people to draw nearer to and obey God. It is an attempt to bring to light what the workers have tried to hide from the public for over a century. These are doctrines and behaviors that have been observed and learned by an ex-member whose family has been part of the group for five generations, since the founding of the religion in the late 1890s.
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