This site is about the "2x2 Church" which arrogantly calls itself "the truth." They want you to believe that their church has been around "since the beginning." But they will lie in order to convince you. The truth is, this church started in 1897. This site tells the truth about "the truth" since those in charge of "the truth" do not.

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Characteristics of the 2x2 Church

Their way is the only way. A "we alone are right" mentality.

Their vague doctrine is to be accepted but not necessarily understood.

Members are conformed by the group not transformed by God.

They reject the One Triune God--the Christian belief in God as God the Father, God the Son (Jesus - John 1:1, 1:14), and God the Holy Spirit. As a result they worship "another" Jesus.

Only their group knows and has the truth. They claim a "special revelation."

Not even scripture is as powerful as the group's unwritten rules and traditions.

Members distrust themselves but trust completely in the group's beliefs and leaders.

Members are secretive about what goes on "inside" and "things" get protected behind walls of silence.

Living a double life is common.

A flaw in the group is viewed as a flaw in the member who sees it.

Leaders either brush off questions they don't have scriptural answers for, or attempt to make a personal attack upon the questioner (ad hominem).

Authoritarian leaders reinforce blind obedience to the groups "standards."

Individual interpretation or deviation is not allowed.

There is a need to emulate the leaders. The group may have similar mannerisms, clothing styles, hair styles, modes of speech and attitudes.

Any attack on the group simply verifies the group's importance to the members.

Members who faithfully follow the group's beliefs and traditions are considered special, chosen, hearty "saints."

There is no means by which a member can appeal a decision. The followers have no rights. Dissidents are disfellowshipped.

Salvation by Grace is not preached (Eph.2:8,9)

Failing to remain faithful to the group is viewed as failing God or mankind.

There is a feeling of humble superiority among the members.

Members accept a counterfeit peace, joy and unity which, in reality, doesn't exit.

Behavior is legislated. Obedience to the leaders is mandatory.

Individuality is viewed as bad and conformity within the group is good. There is a dependence on the group.

Leaders encourage members to work and produce "fruit", putting "their" people back under the law, from which Christ died to set us free.

Lavish attention and love is shown to new or prospective members. Later, love is conditional; dependent on a member's good performance.

There is an unwritten rule that members must not discuss any negative feelings they may have about the group.

Members shun ex-members.

There is instilled in the members a fear of "losing out", of suffering a lost eternity, should they ever leave the group.

Members alternate between happiness at being chosen to know the "truth", and the crushing weight of guilt, fear and shame for "not measuring up."

Adherents to these groups fail to realize that they are in a cult and under mind control. Often the leaders are the most brainwashed of all.

Check out these books about the 2x2 church!
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Cult to Christ: The Church With No Name and the Legacy of the Living Witness Doctrine

Elizabeth was born and raised in a nameless and secretive worldwide cult that claims exclusive origin from the New Testament apostolic ministry and blatantly describes all other churches as 'false'. A fourth generation member, she professed faith at the age of sixteen and fully intended to remain there, even when she discovered that the system she believed in was based on a lie. A love story both human and divine, a journey from spiritual bondage to freedom in Christ; this confronting and deeply personal account gives an inside perspective into the mindset of cult members, and reveals the fear and trauma associated with being forced to investigate your own beliefs even if it could mean destroying the very foundations of everything you believe.

The author, Elizabeth Coleman, is one of our moderators at the TLC Forum!

Reflections: The Workers, the Gospel and the Nameless House Sect

This is the first of a series exploring the varied experiences of those who have come out of a supposedly nameless, world-wide religion which has managed to elude the attention of outsiders for much of its history. The accounts collected here have been written by former members, worker/ministers, and relatives. Together, they present a fascinating and rare glimpse into a religious system all but unknown to outsiders. Most of the former members who have written here were passionate believers in "The Way," before being jarred into reexamination by encounters with serious issues and inconsistencies. Far from being a clinical examination, these accounts are sometimes stirring, even heart-rending, and always bear the stamp of genuine personal experience.

Reinventing the Truth: Historical Claims of One of the World's Largest Nameless Sects

They meet in homes and in rented halls, presided over by itinerant preachers known as "Workers." This religious fellowship usually goes under the names listed above, although its members vigorously deny that the group bears any name. As to its origins, the group positions itself as being a direct continuation of "the New Testament Church." And even though they deny having any organizational structure, the activities of this nameless sect are world-wide in scope.

It is often very difficult for the outsider to gain any concrete knowledge of this group's doctrine, structure, or history. Reinventing the Truth examines these issues, focusing on the historical explanations the group has offered for its origins.

The Church Without a Name

This secretive group has been called by various names over the years: The Two-by-Twos, White Mice, Black Stockings, Pilgrims, The Meeting, The Workers, The Truth, the Secret Sect, Die Namenlosen, Les Anonymes and many others. But they claim no name of their own. Outside of the group, little has been known of the ways and the diverse belief found among believers in this homespun religion. Here is a book that exposes the origins and the unwritten traditions of the Two-by-Twos. The purpose of this book is to summarize the teachings of this religious group in order to encourage people to draw nearer to and obey God. It is an attempt to bring to light what the workers have tried to hide from the public for over a century. These are doctrines and behaviors that have been observed and learned by an ex-member whose family has been part of the group for five generations, since the founding of the religion in the late 1890s.

Reflected Truth: Former Workers and Followers Unmask Life in a Large, Little-Known Sect

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Any church which bases its origin on a LIE — or conceals its history in a cover-up — has no business calling itself the "TRUTH."